Bringing Real World Talent Back Into The Real World

SKILLPITCH offers employers an array of extraordinarily talented, experienced and skilled individuals to consider for projects, positions and opportunities.

Many of our members have faced downsizing, displacement or dismissal due to the ongoing economic downturn. Despite being out of work or under-employed, our members are profoundly gifted in their abilities in their chosen career field(s) and offer an employer the stability, professionalism and maturity any company would be searching for. Most members here bring years of solid work history, sound decision making and years of real life experiences that make these candidates invaluable to any employer.

I urge all possible employers that visit this site to soundly consider contacting these amazing members for opportunities with your company. Let us make an effort to re-employ America’s vast number of truly talented people searching for a better tomorrow.


Please find a category that best matches your skillset and post your request(s), resume(s) or Work Experience. Please copy/paste your information that you feel comfortable posting for potential employers and readers to see. Include a method for potential employers to contact you should they be interested in your talent, skills and experience. A cover letter is also helpful.

Membership is free to all. I do require a subscription with a valid email for professional purposes. Your information is confidential and will never be sold or disclosed.


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